Create Value

Digital ICT delivery mechanisms increase agility in business thereby providing faster time to market, the creation of new business models and access to new markets. Virtualisation and digitisation are catalysts for IT asset efficiency and ensuring business dexterity.

Digital transformation transcends technology. Digital transformation is often viewed through a narrow technology lens, as just another mobile project or e-commerce initiative. Fundamentally though, digital transformation is the result of enterprises seeking to adapt to the storm of new technologies affecting markets and customers.

Effective internal systems, processes and value chains will always be essential, but enterprises will increasingly need to harness the skills, capabilities and passions of the external market. Digital transformation forces wholesale change to the foundations of an enterprise in how it creates value for stakeholders — from its operating model to its infrastructure, what it sells, and to whom and how.

Successful companies have learnt that digital disruption is more than a catalyst for change. It is also the foundation on which new business strategies can be built that are able to move and evolve at the pace of consumers and markets. These are companies that have embraced transformation as a way of life and are using digital technologies to accelerate their growth.

Africa ICT can assist in identifying digital ICT delivery mechanisms that result in the creation of shareholder value.

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